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To Kentucky, We Go!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

A while back we were looking for a volunteer service opportunity over Winter Break in Louisiana for hurricane cleanup. That didn't pan out, but even more, God's fingerprints have been all over this Kentucky trip, from the moment we got the email that it was a possibility... including the people that have stepped up to join and invite their friends, a generous friend willing to let us use their 15 passenger van, donors reaching out to offer to help, funds through Thrivent Action Teams to feed our team, and lots of prayers. This week from January 3-7, nine brave friends are joining us to serve the people of Mayfield, Kentucky as they pick up the pieces after a terrible tragedy.

We will be working with the organization Eight Days of Hope, joining over 300 volunteers and serving many families. We don't know quite yet what the work will exactly look like next week for us, but we are ready to go and serve as needed. Please keep our team in your prayers, and to follow along, keep an eye on our social media pages @FairmountMinistries on Facebook and Instagram and our Blog for updates!

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