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Senior Spotlight: Dr. Bridget Hemingway DNP, FNP-C

We are excited to celebrate alongside our students as they graduate from college and continue forward with their plans in life! Hear from recent-grad Dr. Bridget Hemingway about the impact Fairmount Ministries has had on her college experience. Bridget, you have impacted our community so much, and we are so excited for you and to follow how God will use you to shine His light in your next chapter of life! Congratulations!

Name: Dr. Bridget Hemingway DNP, FNP-C

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Degree: Graduating with a doctorate of nursing practice with a specialty as a family practice nurse practitioner.

How did you get connected with the Campus Ministry at Fairmount?:

I became connected with Fairmount's campus ministry when I was looking for a community during the beginning of the pandemic. I was lonely and had no family in Kansas in the spring of 2020. I was looking for a Bible study and met Paige while I was getting coffee one day. She was so kind and told me all about the ministries at Fairmount. I joined the Bible study shortly after. Fairmount Ministries was one of the biggest blessings during my time in Graduate school. I loved being able to receive spiritual guidance and encouragement in such a warm and welcoming environment.

How has being involved in the ministry at Fairmount helped you to grow in your faith?: Being involved in Fairmount has helped me grow confident in my faith. Fairmount Ministries helped me develop my relationship with God and taught me the importance of prioritizing my relationship with him.

How has being involved in the ministry at Fairmount helped you to grow as a leader?: Being involved in Fairmount helped me grow as a leader by being an example to undergraduates and being able to offer encouragement and support to other college students.

What are you most looking forward to in this next chapter of life?: I am most looking forward to traveling and settling down as a nurse practitioner. I love being able to work as a primary care provider.

What are your post graduation plans?: My plans post graduation are to work as a travel nurse in Arizona for 3 months and then go explore Ireland and Scotland in April and May of 2023. I am praying God’s will be done on where I settle down as a nurse practitioner.

What is your favorite Fairmount Memory (or event that you have participated in)?: I have so many favorite memories at Fairmount. I really enjoyed having Friendsgiving at Pastor Aaron’s house. I also really enjoyed Theology on Tap at Old School Taphouse. There were so many enjoyable discussions at Theology on Tap. Party on the Patio is another of my favorite events at Fairmount. Tuesday night Bible studies were also something I looked forward to every week. Tuesday night Bible study is a judgment-free space to learn about Christ and the Bible, which was so important to me.

What does Fairmount Ministries mean to you?: Fairmount was my safe space while I was in graduate school. I knew if I needed any guidance or spiritual counseling, I had a support system at Fairmount. Pastor Rocky and Paige have been wonderful listening ears for me. I was also welcomed with open arms into Fairmount Ministries. You don’t have to be Lutheran to be a part of Fairmount Ministry. I am Catholic and was embraced by everyone in the ministry despite not being in the same denomination.

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