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June 12

Join us Sunday, June 12 from 6-8pm at Old School Tap House in Kechi. Pastor Rocky Mease will lead our discussion on the Trinity. Where and when did the church first confess the Trinity? Does a “Holy Trinity” make sense in a monotheistic and/or polytheistic world? Come discuss what difference the Holy Trinity makes in our confession of faith today.

 Questions? Contact Paige at 316-684-5224 x. 2 or via E-mail.

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At Theology on Tap we will meet at local breweries or pubs for drinks, food, social time, and a discussion about a theological or spiritual topic.  Theology on Tap started in 2016 and has become one of our most popular events. There is always great discussion!

Some of our topics that we have discussed at most recent events are: Social Justice, End Times and the book of Revelation, Gender & Identity, Consumerism, Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead (Yes), Patriotism and the Bible, Angels and Demons, The Reformation in Ecumenical Perspective, and a fan favorite, Ask the Pastor Night!

Theology on Tap is a great event to invite your friends for a welcoming space to discuss theological topics and questions.