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At the Table

Fairmount is full of many tables of different sizes, but one table, centrally located in the coffee shop stands out: the Community Table. There's a lot that happens around this table. Plan on spending a few hours at Fairmount? Pull up a seat at the Community Table and watch God work.

I (Paige, Director of Outreach) love to sit at the Community Table first thing in the morning and read my Bible while I enjoy my first cup of coffee for the day. Oftentimes, someone else is seated with me, reading their Bible as well. Sometimes we will chat about what we are reading, and other times we sit in silence, resting in the presence of God, and the silence of each other's company as we read together or separate. Somedays, entire groups of friends are here reading their bible together. Thank you, Jesus, that this is a space where people are comfortable, and encouraged, to do so!

While it's nice to have an office space at Fairmount, I love to sit out in the coffee shop when time allows. Now, I have worked here for several years, and definitely have my favorite spots to sit in the shop. Sometimes I pick where I sit depending on on my mood, how busy it is, or the time of day (as our windows provide excellent sunlight). Where I sit also depends on what I am working on, or how much my computer is charged. One of my favorite places to sit is at the community table. This is for many reasons. The Community Table invites more people to sit down with me, and it's not as awkward as some may think. Whether I am sitting at the table with a friend or a stranger (that usually becomes a friend), I've had many conversations at the Community Table over the years. Sometimes it's the "Hi, Hello, How are you" exchange. Other times, I make new friends, as other people sitting with me have friends join the group. Sometimes, the conversations are casual, and other times, the conversations go deeper, into topics about faith, life, theology, and the world.... You never know what God has in store at this table, and I love it!

That's the nature of the Christian life together. We were not meant to walk through this world alone. God invites each and every one of us to have a seat at the table, and to sit together. While yes, there are times when God invites us into solitude, he also invites us into community and relationship with each other.

So I invite you, to consider joining us at Fairmount. There's a spot here for you at our table, and we can't to walk with you!

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