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Faces of Fairmount: Sabrina S.

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Sabrina hamming it up in downtown Dallas

Unfortunately, we were unable to sit down with Sabrina in-person, but she was kind and flexible enough to do an email-interview. We think this interview captures her personality perfectly! She has a beautiful heart, a joyful presence, and a fun sense of humor. Overall, we think she's a wonderful person just to be around!

Sabrina is an active college student at Fairmount. She has led on our student leadership team, volunteered with us, and as of this publication, Sabrina is leading our Wednesday morning book club. They are currently reading and discussing The Fuel & the Flame by Steve Shadrach and Paul Worcester.


FM: Being at college, what do you miss about home?

SS: Playing Minecraft with my brother.

FM: What do you do for fun? Hobbies? Interests?

Play the drums and piano, play Among Us with my family, watch movies with my roommates.

FM: What is one skill you’ve had to learn while being away at school? SS: How to cook....I mean not starve!

FM: What have you discovered about yourself in college? Any surprises?

SS: I have discovered that I’m more extroverted than I thought, though I still consider myself an introvert.

FM: What is college like in a post Covid-19 world?

SS: Zoom, rarely being on campus, sitting for way too long in my comfy office chair, Zoom, not really meeting any new classmates, and did I mention Zoom?

FM: What is the craziest meal you’ve thrown together during the pandemic?

SS: I took a recipe for a casserole, threw all the ingredients into my pressure cooker instead, and made a “casserole” that was more like a soup, but it tasted really good!

FM: How have you grown, specifically because of the challenges brought into your life due to the pandemic?

SS: I have learned to be more flexible and patient as things sometimes change last minute. I have also gotten better at managing my commitments. While others had a lot more free time in their schedule, I realized I was still very busy when the pandemic hit. I am learning to prioritize what I say "yes" to and be more okay with saying "no" to things.

FM: What has God taught you through your time in college thus far?

SS: God has taught me how important the relationships in my life are. I have made new friendships since coming to college that are far deeper than anything I have ever experienced, and I am so grateful for the people He has placed in my life.

I have also been reminded to not take the relationships I already had for granted, especially my parents. My newfound independence has made me appreciate my ability to still depend on my parents.

FM: What does Fairmount mean to you? How has God worked through you in your time at Fairmount?

SS: Fairmount is my home away from home! Especially during the pandemic, when I’m hardly on campus, it’s nice to come to Fairmount to get out of the house and to feel like I’m on campus.

My favorite thing about Fairmount is that almost every time I come here, I see someone I know! Fairmount isn’t just a great place to grab a snack and a warm beverage or to work on homework—I often come here to read the Bible or have spiritual conversations with friends because I always feel super comfortable at Fairmount. It has been so cool to see God work in my life and in the lives of others during my time in college!

FM: What is your favorite Fairmount treat?

SS: Peanut butter cup cookie!


Sabrina at the fall 2020 Student Involvement Fair

We agree, the peanut butter cookies are AMAZING!! Next time you're at Fairmount, try out the peanut butter cookie, and if you see Sabrina, say hello!

Here's what she looks like with a mask, so you can recognize her either way!

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