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Digging Deeper: An Easter Hope

Hope is something we all are looking for during this time of isolation, chaos, anxiety, and pandemic. We are reminded this week that we have a great hope. As Christians, we have an Easter kind of hope and our faith can give us the courage to hope in what is not seen.

Jenn offers a reading of scripture verses and reflections from the book of Romans on hope. She reflects on putting our hope into the eternal and not the earthly.

Jaron Melin, a seminary student at Concordia Seminary of St. Louis, MO, brings us this week's written devotion. Jaron reminds us all who we can put our hope in.


This week after Easter, Paige digs deeper into our weekly theme of hope. She talks about putting in versus putting our hope for. And she leaves us with the encouragement of living like Christians with an Easter Hope!

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